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Regeneration and energy efficiency

Housing associations invest a lot in the regeneration of neighbourhoods and thr provision of Energy Efficient housing
It became evident that all housing companies in the REX Group have an important interest in Energy Efficiency. There seem to be a number of challenges that came back in the different presentations. First of all the holistic approach of Energy Efficiency leads to the best results. Such approaches are however very costly and it is impossible to operate them for the full stock because of a lack of funding. The behavior of tenants is something that was seen as one of the keys to success. Many approaches of tenants have been tried but differ in their success. Finally housing companies seem to have a lack of understanding of the pros and cons of different new technologies and do not have a clear picture about the result of an intervention. Ambitions of national governments and housing companies are however ambitious. In REX we will keep addressing the topic and try to find information and potentially solutions that are of interest.
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